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Lisa Smith Welcome to the Official website of Lisa Smith ~

Lisa Smith is a young lady with Down syndrome who has taken the gift of signing and added to it her unashamed faith, which in turn has allowed her to express herself in absolute freedom and adoration for the Lord when signing her interpretation of a song. 

Lisa lives in North Texas with her parents.  Lisa expressed an interest in singing; however, Lisa’s mother tells that Lisa was not blessed with a voice for publicly singing.   But that did not stop Lisa in giving up a dream to sing for God.  Her determination led her to meeting with the local high school sign language teacher.    After just an hour and a half lesson, Lisa showed how awesome our God is to grant the desire of a heart devoted to sing for Him.   Lisa began sharing her artistic gift of signing with her home church, Denton Bible Church, in 2000.  Word of Lisa’s unique gift began to spread across the Dallas area.  Soon Lisa was accepting invitations from churches and organizations hosting special events, both in and out of Texas.

Lisa has had the honor of accompanying Christian song artists Sandi Patty, Kathy Troccoli, Avalon, Sheila Walsh, Larnelle Harris, BeBe Winans, the 2006 and 2007 Women of Faith Worship Teams, Mark Harris and Mark Lowrey.  Sandi Patty was the first to introduce Lisa at the Women of Faith National Conference in February of 2005.  Lisa has joined Sandi in song at some of her concerts, on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, on the Bill Gaither Homecoming in Dallas and on the Dr. Phil Show.

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During 2005-07, Lisa appeared at 27 conferences across the United States with the faith–based women’s organization, Women of Faith.   The Women of Faith platform provided an opportunity for Lisa to perform with various artists, encouraging and inspiring those in the audience both with and without disabilities.  Appearing in front of thousands of women did not shy Lisa away from sharing her passion or the contagious joy that fills her heart.  At the same time, Lisa’s mother, who travels with Lisa, had the privilege to share and encourage mothers of children with Down syndrome, offering hope and challenging them to look for the gift within their special needs child. 


Lisa Smith's first DVD recording

Due to the many request, Lisa is making this DVD as a way of encouraging others to use their God-given gifts regardless of what challenges they face. It will be dedicated to Amy Jones, her friend and mentor who lose her battle with cancer last year. Please click the following photo for more information on the event and RSVP matters.

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Lisa Smith and Kathy Troccoli

Lisa Smith and Kathy Troccoli singing My Life is in Your Hands.

Latest News - Jan 2011

Well, 2010 seemed to fly by without landing at all….well, that is except for when Lisa had to take off for over 3 months for healing….shoulder healing!  That’s right, Lisa was restricted from signing while she went through physical therapy for “over use” of her shoulder and arm!  Very similar to what they call “tennis elbow”.  After three months of therapy with little relief, a steroid injection followed.  The shot did its thing and Lisa was back doing what she loves best! 


Before the shoulder issues, Lisa was having a great year.  First, and most important to Lisa, she received her very own little Maltese puppy who she named Hannah Grace.  It was touch and go for little Hannah for about 3+ months.  All I will say is watch out for those so called “puppy mills” in Texas!!!  But I’m happy to say Hannah survived and is the delight of our family!


News Update - October 2009

October 2009

So much has happened since my last update on Lisa and the journey she is on. Some of you may have noticed how light Lisa’s schedule has been. Lisa has had to face one of the biggest challenges in her life…. the death of her best friend, Amy Jones… the founder, leader, and mentor of Journey of Sisters. Amy and Lisa met at a Women of Faith Conference and remained the best of friends ever since. Amy saw the potential in Lisa to be an inspiration to those hurting and those with family members who were intellectually challenged. However, Amy would never place Lisa in that category as she always said it was the rest of the world who were intellectually challenged… NOT Lisa!