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  • Celebrating Rebekah

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    I attended the Women of Faith Conference today and cried through much of it. I had the pleasure of watching Lisa Smith, a young woman with Down syndrome, perform. Lisa learned ASL (American Sign Language) and taught herself to sign to Sandi Patty cd's. Sandi Patty saw her in the audience at one of her concerts and invited Lisa up on stage. Since then, Lisa has signed at many Women of Faith conferences around the country.

    As I watched Lisa, God reminded me that Rebekah is not limited by her diagnosis. GOD is not limited by Rebekah's diagnosis. I was reminded that God loves Rebakah. That He created her. He formed her in my womb. She was not some accident of conception. God knows every intimate detail of how she was formed. God will raise her up for His good purpose. I just need to let go and let God do His work. Or as Luci Swindoll said "Show up, shut up and let go!".

  • Nothing is Impossible

    Nothing is impossible. You're only limited by what you tell yourself you can't do.
    Tina Wells, Founder & CEO, Buzz Marketing Group

Lisa Pierre

Lisa PierreWhen it comes time to finally act upon what you have always wanted and what other kind people have encouraged you to do, you run forward with an unobstructed view. You are not held down by time, money or energy. This is where I have found myself for now. People say "for such a time as this," but time is not controlled by people. The "time is now" covers whatever time you are in and yes, it could have been another day, but this is "my" today and I am happy to introduce me to you this way. I"d love to know you better too. Let me hear from you.

Visit Her Website: http://web.mac.com/lisapierre1/Site/WELCOME%21.html